You Could Be Driving an All-Electric Ford Ranger EV Today!


The Ford Ranger EV was developed and produced by the Ford Motor Company as part of a California Air Resources Board requirement for zero emission vehicles during the 1990s. Approximately 1500 vehicles were produced from 1998 to 2001. Unfortunately, most of these trucks were crushed along with the GM EV1 and similar vehicles from the other major automobile manufacturers. Approximately 400 Ranger EVs were spared and are still driving the roads of America, Canada, and several foreign countries. They’re supported by a network of specially trained Ford Dealers and a dedicated group of independent parts and service providers. Own a piece of automobile history, demonstrate your commitment to America’s energy independence, and enjoy carefree all-electric motoring! Put a Ranger EV in your driveway today!


Have You Driven An All-Electric Ford Lately?

The Electric Ranger is a practical all-electric vehicle you can own and drive today! It operates much like the gasoline-powered models. The most noticeable difference between the driving experience of the Electric Ranger and the gasoline-powered Ranger is the operating noise is very low. These are factory Ford Motor Company vehicles, not home-made conversions. They were designed and built to the same high standards as their gasoline-powered siblings. They are 100% electric, not a hybrid or some futuristic fuel cell pie-in-the-sky, but a practical everyday zero emission truck you can enjoy today.


Ranger EV Owners Link Together


REVolt is the Ranger EV Owners Group. We’re a passionate group of Ranger EV owners providing support and information to the Ranger EV community throughout the United States, Canada, and a surprisingly large group of Ranger EV owners in Norway and other foreign countries. Working together, we maintain technical data, spare parts, Ford Technical Service Bulletins, specialized service tools, troubleshooting expertise and vehicle upgrades. We’re called on to support local community based environmental events by displaying our vehicles to show others that electric vehicles are a practical solution for much of our daily transportation needs.

REVolt isn’t a club - we don’t have any meetings, no dues, no officers to elect or secret handshakes to learn. We’re owners with a common bond. An internet based group Linking Together for mutual support; providing a place for information, parts, tools, service, and resources necessary to achieve our goal - preservation of the Ford Ranger EV and the history of the Ranger EV Development Program. Buy a Ranger EV and join the REVolt!

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Model Years 1998 thru 2001

Body Style Styleside, Regular Cab Pick-Up

Wheelbase Short Wheelbase 111.4 inch

Payload 700 lb PbA, 1154 lb NiMH

Dimensions Same as Gasoline-Powered Ranger


0-50 Mph 12.5 sec PbA, 10.3 sec NiMH

Top Speed 75 mph

Range 58 miles PbA, 74 miles NiMH


Motor High-Efficiency, 3-Phase AC Induction

Horsepower 90 hp

Transaxle Single-Speed Constant-Ratio

Drive Wheels Rear

Gear Ratio 12.518:1


Dual Air Bags

Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering

Regenerative Braking

4-Wheel ABS

Aluminum Wheels

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Air Conditioning